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Kim Sharratt, Artist.

I am essentially a landscape artist drawn to wild, isolated places out of a need to release myself from the cluttered experience of life. Whilst I’m there I analyse through smell, touch, sight and sound the simple act of existing. As my conscious mind begins to dissipate I will begin painting and drawing.

What I am trying to achieve is a painting of this experience which might describe some of my own emotional reactions. I might include birds as a motif for anxiety and fear, or fragments of overheard conversation that at first are meaningless but then reveal themselves through the painting.

Some paintings are completed onsite, but more often they are taken back to the studio and reworked adding the extra layer of memory.

I work in many mediums often on the same surface using brushes, rags, knives and fingers, and anything else that is lying about.

My hope for the viewer is that the paintings will stir feelings of recognition or evoke emotions that the language of words cannot describe.

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